Penn & Teller™


Penn & Teller

Slot Type

5-reel, 3125 ways, 1¢ video slot. Minimum bet of 30 credits; maximum bet of 300 credits.

Top Award

Wide Area Progressive jackpot resets at $100,000.

 Bonus Features

Match 3, Miser's Dream, Shadows, Vanish a Rabbit, Penn & Teller™ Free Spins, Penn & Teller™ Wheel Bonus

For over 40 years, Penn & Teller™ have defied labels—and at times physics and good taste—by redefining the genre of magic and inventing their own distinct niche in comedy. Loaded with an innovative feature trigger and 8 interactive bonuses, players get constant assistance from Penn & Teller as they wonder what exciting moment will happen next.

Players will also enjoy some of Penn & Teller’s most famous tricks like Vanish a Rabbit, Miser’s Dream, and Shadows—plus Everi has added some magic of their own.

The Jackpot (WAP Award) at max bet awards 10,000,000 to 10,000,180 credits. Reset value is $100,000.00.

Penn & Teller™ Wheel Bonus — Selecting the Wheel symbol during the Scatter Pick Feature triggers the bonus to award 250 to 43,203 credits. Pick cards to enhance prizes on the wheel, then spin for the biggest prize.

Match 3 — Selecting the Match 3 symbol during the Scatter Pick Feature triggers the bonus to award 300 to 10,100 credits X bet multiplier.

Penn & Teller™ Free Spin Bonus — Awards 7 spins and uses an alternate set of reels to award 200 to 7,086 X bet multiplier. Every losing spin is rewarded with an extra free spin!

Miser’s Dream— Special goldfish award golden WILDS for big pays.

Shadows— Rose petals magically turn into valuable WILDS.

Vanish a Rabbit— Enjoy 3 rounds of matching symbols for big wins.

Penn & Teller