Best Slots

Southern California Gaming Guide™ Reader’s Choice Best Slots


Every casino player loves to play slots to some degree - and they definitely have their favorites! For 20 years the Gaming Guide has recognized the diverse voice of our readers and let them decide which games are their favorite. Some results might be predictable, and some may be surprising, but every 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner in each category has captured that special something that every slot creator strives for – a balance of entertainment and thrill. Every slot game on a casino floor has gone through countless hours of research and development and has its loyal fans, so don’t be discouraged if your favorite slot hasn’t won yet. There’s always next year! 

What Makes a ‘Best’ Slot

For the slot savvy, a ‘Best’ slot could be composed of many things: it could have a thrilling bonus round, clever theme, amazing graphics, an innovative function, be a consistently lucky machine or remind you of a favorite movie, song, or  television show. But the bottom line is a Best Slot is always a game casino players look for, no matter which casino they visit.

Check out current and past winners of the Reader’s Choice Best Slots!  

Best Slots 2024

Voting for the 2024 Best Slots has closed. The winners will be announced in the July 2024 issue of the Southern California Gaming Guide.