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Winners, Winners, Winners!

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casino-winners-1Everyone loves winning! This month we celebrate Southern California casino winners—and there are loads of them! This is a great time to go to the casino and take advantage of amazing promotions and extraordinary values, and have a fun time. Take a look at all the lucky winners on these pages from the past few months. They include slot jackpot winners, casino promotion winners and poker and slot tournament winners. Southern California casinos are producing lots of winners these days.

Like many Southern California Gaming Guide™ readers, you probably look at page 34 every month—the Winners page—and visualize your photo there, holding an over-sized check or smiling in front of a slot machine, imagining just how wonderful you will feel when you become a big jackpot winner. Most casino players dream of winning the "Big One"—or something close to it—the casino jackpot that will change their life—or certainly make life a lot more fun with many more choices. Being a jackpot winner can happen anywhere, anytime at the casino—on a standalone slot, a thrilling wide-area progressive, on a casino-wide progressive for players using their players club cards, at a slot or poker tournament or during an exciting casino promotion.

Big Jackpot Winners

Sitting down to play an Indiana Jones™ The Last Crusade™ 3-d penny slot for the first time was the right decision for Tom Luyke of Long Beach on Friday, October 9th, when he won a $1,061,225 MegaJackpot® at Pechanga Resort & Casino. The 54 year-old airline planner "could not believe it" and was "still shocked" after the MegaJackpot® hit. Two weeks previous, his mother passed away, and he used to bring her to enjoy the fun at Pechanga Resort & Casino. Right after he won the MegaJackpot®, he recalled, "My mother's face popped up in my mind. She told me before she passed not to worry about anything—that she would take care of me."

On Monday night, November 30th, lucky Sue A. from Danville in the San Francisco Bay area was at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino playing The Wizard of Oz™ penny slot machine that reminded her of her childhood. She had played for about a half an hour and already wagered about $50. She and her boyfriend were getting ready to leave. Her machine's next spin, however, changed her life. She watched as the video reels stopped one by one on The Wizard of Oz progressive symbol, until five of them lined up across the middle of the screen. The message on the slot machine read that she had won the progressive jackpot amount of $1,331,195.84! The Wizard of Oz slot has produced a number of million dollar winners in the past few years. The exciting penny slot is a huge favorite with Southern California casino players.

California CasinosWheel of Fortune® Winners

Million dollar jackpots are not the norm, and most of us would be happy to win a $1,000 jackpot at the casino. But three lucky players shown on these pages won $100,000-plus jackpots  on the wide-area progressive Wheel of Fortune® that is linked on a network of Native American casinos and can accrue to over $100,000—and sometimes in the millions. Wheel of Fortune® has secured its place in gaming history as the most popular slot machine of all time and has awarded over $2.5 billion to thousands of lucky winners throughout the country.

$1,000,000 Colossal Coin Jackpot at Valley View Casino

One of the few casinos with a casino-wide mystery progressive jackpot, Valley View Casino's Colossal Coin, rewards its players for using their players club cards in a big way. Since its inception in 2005, Valley View Casino has awarded over $7.5 million dollars in the Colossal Coin jackpot. The Colossal Coin jackpot is a mystery jackpot exclusive to Valley View Casino that can hit at any time, on any slot machine, and is guaranteed to hit before $1,000,000! And the best part? Unlike other casino mystery jackpots, the Colossal Coin jackpot is awarded in one lump sum, not an annuity, so winning the jackpot could really change your life! It couldn't be easier to win—you simply need to use your Valley View Casino Players Club card every time you play and you could be the next big winner.

Lucky Promotion Winners

Make sure you enter players club promotions each month at your favorite casinos, because it can certainly pay off big. Southern California casinos have some of the best promotions in the country and have won nationwide industry awards to prove it.

Southern California casinos have big winners all the time. Some players love to let people know they've won, while others keep their good news to themselves. So, factor in the number of players who won big jackpots and were camera shy.

The number of recent winners in the past months in Southern California casinos has been incredible. Winning a big jackpot is every casino players' dream. We hope you will be a big jackpot winner soon, so we can show your smiling photo here on our pages.